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“The Never Search Alone experience was a 10! Why?

  1. Formed lifelong friendships with my JSC
  2. The NSA process provided a big lift, especially the listening tour
  3. Having peers made all the difference in not feeling alone and navigating the emotional ride”
– Senior Director of Product (landed role in Early March 2024)

This free volunteer-driven community has already helped thousands of job seekers.

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The best thing we can do is help you join a Job Search Council (JSC).

These are mutual support groups made up of peer job seekers who use the Never Search Alone methodology to search together to find good jobs.

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“If you’re even thinking about a job search, start here.”
– Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group

"Helped me find the right job for moving my career forward."

Corleen Heidgerken

Director of Product, Glassdoor

This book's step-by-step approach will change your career – and life."


VP, Product

Never Search Alone is like a secret unlock to the job marketplace.


Director of Product

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Three breakthrough ideas animate Never Search Alone

1. Job Search Council

Because your emotional balance is the most important thing you need to manage in the job search, you need a support group of fellow job seekers that will help turn your insecurity and anxiety into hope, motivation, and accountability.

2. Candidate-Market Fit

You are the ‘product’ in a job search. Thus, before you begin networking and interviewing, you need to identify precisely what you want and what the market wants. This key step will help you figure out the intersection of your hopes, dreams, and market realities.

3. Boss the Process

Never Search Alone shows you how to take charge of interviews (in a kind way that improves the odds of an offer) – and then how to negotiate for all four legs of the negotiations process: salary, budget, resources, and support.

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