Job Search Councils (JSCs)

What is a Job Search Council?

It's a group of peer job seekers – typically 4 to 6 – who agree to form a mutual support group to help each other find good jobs they love.

You can set up and create your own JSC (Phyl’s book tells you how).


You can sign-up for our free matching service that will connect you to peer job seekers (and provide free training and support).

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Watch videos about JSCs and the Never Search Alone method

Why should I join a JSC?

Three key reasons:

1. Confidence, hope, motivation and accountability
From 25 years of research and experience, Phyl and their team at Collaborative Gain have found that no matter who you are – college student looking for your first job, manager looking for a new role, a VP, or even a CEO – if you search alone, then you will experience anxiety, demoralization, and lack of confidence in your job search.

If, however, you join a group of job seekers, then by simply sharing your insecurity and anxiety, you will together convert those into hope, motivation, accountability, and, most importantly, confidence. There are more benefits to a JSC, but giving you confidence is one of the valuable.

2. Support to determine your Candidate-Market Fit

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is to quickly start networking and interviewing before they know both what they want and how the market sees them.

The reason for this mistake is simple: the anxiety and pressure to find a good job quickly, especially if you don't have a JSC, will push you to skip this important step.

But just as product-market fit drives business success, candidate-market fit drives career success.

Yet, very few people take the time to understand this.

Your Job Search Council will help you discover your candidate-market fit and follow the step-by-step process outlined in Phyl's book (and made available via agendas and tools to all JSC members).

3. Help interviewing,  negotiating, and setting yourself up to succeed

The third big reason to join a JSC is to get the help you need when you are interviewing and negotiating with a company.

As Phyl outlines in Never Search Alone, candidates need to drive the process and, most importantly, create what Phyl calls a "Job Mission with OKRs."

In other words, you need to write your own job description with clear accountabilities for what you are signing up to deliver to this company. And then you need to think about the budget, resources, and support you'll need to succeed in the role.

Phyl's book goes into much more detail, but these are the three main benefits.

What are the Requirements to Join a JSC?

These are open to all *and* they are free.

But we do have several requirements.

  1. Read the book Never Search Alone, or read the summary doc/watch videos
    You can either read the book, or you can read the summary doc and watch 10 hours of videos. It's your choice. But you have to agree to do one or the other. The reason is that JSCs use the disruptive methodology outlined in Never Search Alone, and you can only help yourself and your fellow members if you understand the approach.
  2. Practice Shuhari
    This is a Japanese philosophy that describes stages of learning - essentially 1) learn the basics; 2) master the basics; 3) make innovations. In your JSCs, you will learn the basics by following the agenda and exercises as laid out by your moderator (and explained in Never Search Alone and the summary doc/videos).
  3. Attend your first 10 meetings
    This is key. Attendance and commitment builds *trust* and makes JSCs work for everyone. Do not be late. Do not miss. Be present, committed, and helpful.

Are the JSC Members Strangers or?

If you sign-up for our matching service, then yes we'll pair you with strangers who are peers (meaning at about the same level of work tenure – college student, Director, VP, CEO, etc.) and who are either working and looking, or out-of-work and seeking a new job.

As Phyl explains in their book, there is real power  to working with strangers in the job search. They bring new networks, perspective, and honesty that may be otherwise difficult to find.

More Questions?

Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Ready to Join? Hundreds of JSCs and counting

So, again, you can create your own JSC (Phyl’s book tells you how).


You can sign-up for our free matching service that will connect you to peer job seekers (and provide free training and support).

We have set up and launched hundreds ofJSCs since September 2022 and our team is ready to create thousands more for all those laid off, let go, or otherwise looking.

Again, this is a completely free service powered by volunteers who want to help.