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  • We are now looking for *many* volunteers who can 'like, comment, and share' posts by NSA members about their job search.
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Once you apply, you will receive an email once a day with links to LinkedIn posts from job seekers. Your job will be to go 'like, comment, and share' those posts thereby amplifying their reach.

Core Team

This is the core team of volunteers who have made a two-year commitment to building the Never Search Alone community. (If you want to join this team, then sign-up for the NSA Newsletter where Phyl posts core team opportunities.)

Please thank these amazing folks.

Emily Teter – Never Search Alone Volunteer Team Lead

I’m a product manager and Collaborative Gain member. I work with Phyl to run the volunteer team as well as the team lead for placing job seekers in Job Search Councils.

I was a designer, front-end developer, and Product Design leader in my past life. Now I am a results-driven Product Manager that is passionate about contributing to high performing, accountable teams that focus on best in class digital solutions driven by user feedback while moving the business forward.

Tamara Adlin – LinkedIn Live Host, New Member Orientation Host

I am the host of the LinkedIn Live “Power of Job Search Councils” bi-weekly broadcast. We cover the basics of Never Search Alone and feature a guest to talk about the value of Job Search Councils and encourage people to join. I’m also the host of our bi-weekly Orientation sessions for new Job Search Council applicants and members. I helped create the Participant Workbook with other volunteers to make it easy for council members to find and use our support materials.

I have known Phyl since the early 2000’s when I was at Amazon. I created Adlin, Inc., in 2005 and have been consulting and advising early-stage startups, and bigger companies who want to behave more like startups, ever since. I’m a user experience OG, strategy expert, author, and coach.

Omar Corona – Ongoing Moderator Training and Support Host

I host the Never Search Alone community’s JSC moderator calls, where I facilitate conversations among over 100 moderators. I also lead weekly meetups for the product community within NSA. Additionally, through my facilitation practice (Orchestra), I am working with Phyl and the volunteer team to organize strategic priorities for the growth and advancement of NSA’s mission and find new opportunities to better serve its members and continuously improve operations.

Jessie Jackson – NSA LinkedIn Group Manager

As a volunteer group manager for Never Search Alone, I have the incredible privilege of welcoming new members- and sharing some of the free resources we offer to help get your job search started!

I live and work from home in New Jersey, as a senior consultant and practice lead with the Digital Strategy group at OSF Digital. Before starting a consulting practice, I led digital innovation and ecommerce for over 20 years, for companies including Victoria's Secret, Bare Necessities, J. Crew and the Vitamin Shoppe. I volunteer on the weekends at a non-profit horse farm nearby that does equine therapy for veterans. Bonus: I get to hang out with the horses.

Amy Love – Slack Administrator

As the Slack administrator, my goal is to Empower and foster a vibrant and inclusive community within our Slack channel, ensuring members feel engaged, supported, and connected.I am a seasoned User Experience Designer with over 20 years of experience in the SaaS tech industry, including 7 years in leadership roles. Throughout my career, I have excelled in creating user-friendly products that people love. Outside of my professional life, I reside in Santa Barbara with my husband, daughter, three dogs, and three cats. Away from work, outdoor activities with friends and family energize me and inspire my pursuit of harmony in design and life.

Sara Meis – LinkedIn Live Co-Host, Member Engagement

As a dedicated marketing and business development professional, I'm grateful for the opportunity to help build a supportive community and facilitate connections for those who are navigating the challenges of unemployment through the lens of the Never Search Alone method. Drawing inspiration from the Never Search Alone book's proven job-seeking methodology, I help to foster engagement within the community and moderate bi-weekly LinkedIn live sessions. By guiding discussion, answering questions, and sharing links to valuable resources, I aim to empower community members as they progress through the transformative steps of the Never Search Alone process. I'm a passionate people connector with a broad skill set in marketing, business development, and client engagement. I've known Phyl Terry for about 5 years and had the opportunity to contribute to the MANY drafts his book, Never Search Alone, went through during its development. At that time, I myself was a mid-career change job-seeker and owed much of the success in my new position to the support I found in his book. It's an honor to be able to give back to this highly-talented community in my small but mighty volunteer role!

Ferha Mirdawi – JSC Matcher

I'm the matchmaker for job seekers, making sure their Job Search Councils (JSC) are on point – keeping things aligned, diverse, and conveniently located.

With 23 years of corporate leadership under my belt in marketing and product strategy spanning diverse industries, I bring a range of perspectives, flexible communication, and thrive in the world of uncertainty. My partner in crime for the past 20 years, Samer, keeps it real, while my two fabulously intense little girls, Nyla & Rania, make sure I'm always on my toes.

Brigid Mitchel – Free Tools Manager

I manage the free tools and templates for JSC members and moderators with the goal to keep them up-to-date and ever-evolving.

Professionally,  I have worked in organizations aimed at improving the lives of youth from underserved communities, ranging in ages from birth to early adulthood; personally, I have pursued my passion for singing and performing, joining diverse communities of singers and improvisers around New York City. With the help of the Never Search Alone process and JSC 252, I found a new path: I am now pursuing a masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology in an effort to combine my passions for service and the human voice into a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Shaun Penrod – Moderator Orientation Host

I facilitate the New Moderator Orientation. The New Moderator Orientation is designed to help new moderators prepare for meeting 0 and 1 of their JSC by sharing best practices and answering questions. The goal is to alleviate the overwhelm people feel when they volunteer to moderate a JSC so they can fill out the role with confidence.

After seven years of active duty Navy service, I jumped in with both feet into the online business world, quickly becoming an expert at digital marketing and online lead generation. After freelancing for several years, I now help growing businesses prepare to sell. I was fortunate to find the Never Search Alone community when I stumbled onto a LinkedIn live during a protracted job search.

Christoph Steinlehner – Website

I’m a Product Coach and Consultant. But from a past professional life, I'm also able to put together websites. So I built this website for the Never Search Alone community and help sometimes to keep it up to date.

Phyl Terry – Author and Community Organizer

I’m the author of Never Search Alone and chief community organizer — more about me

Portrait of Phyl