June 28, 2023

*Crazy* (and kinda cool)

As we in the U.S. get ready for the 4th of July weekend, I wanted to share this crazy cool story.

Yesterday, one of our Job Search Council applicants – we'll call her Caitlin – told us how she learned about our community:

I had an interview and the employer told me they were also laid off and recommended Never Search Alone.

I responded and said:

Wait. You mean that the hiring manager who interviewed you, got laid off themselves, and then told you about Never Search Alone?

To that, Caitlin said:

Correct, he said it really helped him.


That's crazy that there are so many tech layoffs that hiring managers are getting laid off while interviewing candidates.

And it's kinda cool that we have this community to help all of them.

Caitlin thinks its cool too – she concluded the exchange by saying:

It’s amazing what you are doing, thank you!

And I say thank you to all of our volunteers who are helping to build this community around the world.

Caitlin thinks you are amazing – and I agree.

Hope *all* of you reading this have a good end of June wherever you are in the world – and for those in the U.S., merry Independence Day.



P.S. We are closing in on 400 Job Search Councils and our volunteer team wants to reach 1,000 this year because that means we will have helped more than 5,000 job seekers. So, please do like Caitlin's would-be boss and spread the word!